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Tangled Art Gallery
by Deirdre Logue in collaboration with VibraFusionLab.
April 7 – June 30, 2017Co-presented with Images Festival, Gallery 44, and A Space Gallery, Tangled will host an exhibit of new work by Deirdre Logue in collaboration with VibraFusionLab.

Logue pulls in close, withdraws, and attempts to go into the fabric of everyday spaces and objects.

Private tests become public in these performative self-portraits, which push beyond the limitations of the screen. Logue’s personal experiments explore repetition of movement, sound and tension in ways that allow us to think about the multifaceted complexities of our own bodies.

Logue’s collaboration with VibraFusionLab’s David Bobier invites multi-sensorial exchanges between the audience and the work. Vibrational haptics set the backdrop to a polyphonic soundscape integrating tactile audio and video extensions to engender disability art aesthetics. The audience and artist’s interactions in this work are distinguishing features of Deaf and disability art, exploring the space concerning our embodied experiences and the world.
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Deirdre Logue Exhibition at Tangled Arts