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Bridging Practices In Accessibility, Art and Communication

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VibraFusionLab: Bridging Practices in Accessibility, Art and Communication

Exhibition Dates: May 5 – July 2
Opening Reception: May 19 @ 7:00PM
Location: Thames Art Gallery, Chatham

VibraFusionLab (VFL) began in 2014 in London, Ontario, growing out of an artist residency and collaboration between media artist, David Bobier and the Inclusive Media and Design Centre at Ryerson University. The vision, to provide access to emerging inclusive or adaptive technology and design, to artists of all disciplines and abilities, will be illustrated in the upcoming retrospective: VibraFusionLab: Bridging Practices in Accessibility, Art and Communication. The Thames Art Gallery is proud to host this immersive exhibition, which will feature educational ephemera on the mezzanine level, and works by seven artists involved in the residency program: Marla Hlady, Gordon Monahan, Lindsay Fisher, Alison O’Daniel, Ellen Moffat, Lynx Sainte-Marie, and David Bobier.

The works specialize in the exploration of “vibrotactility” in technology, investigating it as a creative medium, with a capacity to combine visual, audio and tactile elements into a highly emotional and sensorial art practice. Viewers can expect wearable devices, and new approaches to art making that champion the senses beyond vision and hearing, to build new methods of communication and language. Tours for the hearing impaired and/or visually impaired are scheduled periodically throughout the exhibition; please visit our website to find out dates.

The exhibition will run from Friday, May 5, to Sunday, July 2, 2017. An opening reception and website launch will take place Friday, May 19 at 7pm, audio and visual interpreters will be present. All are welcome to attend the free and all-inclusive reception. VibraFusionLab and The Thames Art Gallery would like to thank the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts for their generous support. The Thames Art Gallery is located at 75 William Street North, Chatham, and is open 7 days a week, from 1-5pm. Contact Emily Cadotte, Assistant Curator at [email protected] or 519.360.1998 or visit our website http://www.chatham-kent.ca/ThamesArtGallery for more.

Image credit: Marla Hlady, Soundball (Dancehauling), 2013, sound (in collaboration with Eric Chenaux), 2 custom guitar amps, 2 custom soundball stands and 2 soundballs (stainless steel rice ball, microprocessor, sound board, accelerometer, LEDs and cable), software design by Wild Rhombus Software. Image courtesy of the artist.
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